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Creating and editing Wordlets

Чад знакомства ubb classic познакомиться с девушкой из англии в праге

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Знакомства липецк viewtopic p. This page allows the Admin to see hidden visitors, guests, and members. This feature is not accessible from the UBB. Also, this feature does not track actions that occur within the control panel. The information can be viewed several different ways.

It can be organized by location category, forum, or topic , by username, or by IP address. This powerful tool can be useful in determining many things; for example, whether a user has more than one login account IP view. Because it can contain so much information, this admin view can appear intimidating on first glance; however, diving in and clicking the links will reveal a wealth of information to the novice and advanced administrator alike.

To enable and configure Recent Visitors:. Click the Recent Visitors tab. This feature allows you to easily translate the user interface into another language, or alter the basic wording that the UBB. You can either browse a specific Wordlet list, or use the search box to find a particular Wordlet. There are links at the top and bottom of the page that switch between normal view, a view that lists only changed Wordlets, and a list that views only unchanged Wordlets. In the normal and changed view, two boxes are presented side by side — the stock text is on the right, the current on the left.

If you are running banner ads within your UBB. Note that the random numbers will be stored in the cached copy of that page. The numbers will be unique to that page, but will not change on subsequent requests if the page is pulled from the cache. Restrict Access to Registered Users. Groupee Copyright Type Image or Text. Display Welcome to Newest Member. Enable Jump to Latest Posts. Enable Printer-Friendly Topic View. Allow Images in Signatures. Author Details Included with Posts.

Click the Category Settings link. Click the Add New Category tab. You can either customize one of the default forums that come pre-configured with the software, or create your own new forum. These instructions are for creating a brand new forum. Click the Forum Settings link. Click the Add New Forum tab. Fill in the forum basics and permissions information. Click Submit Changes at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to enable category display.

A forum intro is a small text block or graphic that will appear on the main categories and forums page, beneath the forum title. Note that this is different from the forum description, which appears at the top of the forum itself. Making a forum private. When you create a new forum, you can choose to make it private, or restricted viewing.

To do this, click the Permissions tab from the Forum Settings page. You can choose to just restrict who can post new topics or replies, or you can make the forum Private. When a forum is private, there are two different ways of managing access: Click the Permissions tab for each user, and use the checkboxes to grant them access to the private forum s.

Choose a password and submit the change. You will then need to distribute this password to any users you wish to grant access to the private forum. Note that if you switch a private forum to public after it has already been created, its messages will disappear until you switch it back.

If you do wish to move private content to a public forum, the best method is to create a new public forum and move the topics over , then delete the old private forum. Click the Moderator Settings link. You will see a list of your forums. If you choose to add a moderator, a popup will appear with existing moderator names to choose from, and a search mechanism to find other users. A Moderator can also change forum settings for their own forum, prune posts within their forum, perform mass moves to authorized forums or read-only archives.

Click the Details link for the forum you wish to delete. Click the Delete this Forum tab at the bottom of the page. Click the Category Settings link for the category you wish to delete. Edit the category and click the delete link at the bottom of the edit form. Note that no data is lost when removing a category; any forums assigned to the category will still exist, but without the category association. In the boxes to the right of each forum name, you can type numbers to order the forums as you wish the lower the number, the higher the forum will appear in your forum lists.

Click Submit Changes, and visit your live board to ensure that the forums have been re-ordered as you desired. Note that numbers are unique per category. You can have forums numbered 1 in two different categories. Both will appear at the top of the list under that category header.

In the boxes to the right of each category name, you can type numbers to order the categories as you wish the lower the number, the higher the category will appear in your category lists. Click Submit Changes, and visit your live board to ensure that the categories have been re-ordered as you desired. Archives do not exist in Version 6.

The new archives are simply forums in which new topics and replies cannot be created. Click the Add New Forum tab at the bottom. Name the forum and set the Forum Basics information. Click the Permissions tab and set it so that no users can post topics or replies. Admins and Moderators will still be able to move topics into the archive. You now have an empty archive forum. Note that existing forums can also be turned into archives using the same permissions tab.

To create the archive, you can import topics from another forum for example, old informational topics. Click Move Topics and follow the instructions for Mass Move, above, to select the specific topics you wish to archive. Click the Profile Settings link. Click the Avatars tab. Click the check box at the top of the page, and if desired, set the additional avatar configuration settings on that page.

Note that you can determine which particular groups can use the default avatar set or custom avatars. Fill in the name of your new custom profile field, and use the radio buttons to the right to determine whether the new field is shown and required, just shown, or hidden. If the field is shown and required, the new registering user MUST complete it in order to register.

If the field is just shown, then it is optional. You may choose to make a field hidden if you no longer wish to collect that piece of information this will not delete any previously collected info. Each community is different, and we highly recommend that you tailor the board rules to which users must agree when registering.

Click the Registration Settings link. Click the Member Management link. You can also see a list of all registered users. Click Begin Search at the bottom of the page. As the Administrator, you can include brief notes about each member, tied to the profile. To write a user note about a member:.

Click the Member Management link and use the search tools to locate the specific member you wish to make a note about. Banning the existing name alone rather than deleting is the best way to remove a target user. Email and IP bans are more prone to include innocent users and should be the last resort. Another alternative is to use the moderation queue to screen new member registrations instead. Make sure that you have used the checkbox to select the member you wish to ban.

Click Perform Selected Action. This process is reversible, in case of error. Click the Ban Lists tab. To ban a specific email, type the full email address as in, "waldo example. To ban all email addresses from certain domains, such as hotmail, simply type an at-sign followed by the domain name as in " hotmail. Put each banned email on its own line hit the carriage return after each email entry to be banned. Checks against emails are only made during new registrations and when existing users edit their profiles AND edit their email address.

This is not retroactive - users who have already registered will not be impacted by the ban unless they edit their profile AND change their email address. You may reverse your list of banned email addresses. Instead of the list of emails being banned, registrations will only be allowed from those email addresses. Checks against emails are only made during new registrations and when existing users edit their profiles. This is not retroactive - users who have already registered will not be impacted by the ban until they edit their profile.

You can either use a complete IP number such as " If you enter a partial IP of " Similarly, if you have an IP ban on " Be careful when you add IPs to your ban list and be as specific as possible. As with the email ban list, put each IP number on its own line hit the carriage return after each entry. Checks against the IP list are only made during registration, during logins, and when creating new threads or replies. This means that only IPs entered in the box may use the forums.

All other IPs will not be allowed access. This mechanism is used more as a method to restrict forum usage to only a certain set of users for example, only employees within a company. The first quicksearch is: Click one of those links and the search will automatically begin. Once you have your results, use the Action dropdown menu to delete the inactive users.

You can use this same mechanism to delete other groups of users not just inactive. For example, if you wanted to delete users who have been banned, you could use the Advanced Search Options to create your own list to prune. Click the Registration Queue tab. You will see a list of pending registrations on this page if there are any. From here, you can approve, decline, or keep in the queue any of the new member registrations. You can also choose whether to email approved or declined members, and delete declined member files if you wish.

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про сайты знакомств чад знакомств. чад знакомств:Православные знакомства . секс ubb classic знакомства кирочка ubb classic. сайт знакомств мамба. секс знакомства алматы знакомство для секса с 30 летней девушкой сайты донецка знакомств vip знакомства ubb classic metlandclub.ru бесплатные к чему снится знакомство с родителями чад знакомства minibb знакомства москва. Позакомиться →. Категория: знакомства г чайковский ubb classic По сути, чад знакомства board трудно назвать диетой. Знакомства Кагитхане, Секс.

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