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In reviewing Andy Stanley’s sermon (titled Brand: New), Chris exposed how Stanley downplayed the “sacred” in Christianity and that the bible supports the Seeker Sensitive church model.

As Chris Rosebrough pointed out, nothing could have been further from the truth. Below the sermon review is a good article expressing and addressing the issues with Andy Stanley’s teaching.

Before it was a popular and critically acclaimed sitcom on Comedy Central, Broad City was a video series on You Tube.

The web series ran for two seasons and 25 episodes from 20, and consisted of sketches, many of them averaging about five minutes, that offered brief looks into the fictionalized lives of its two stars/creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Watching them in light of the TV show that followed, they offer a fascinating glimpse into seeing two creative minds developing their characters and collective vision.

From Fighting for the Faith, FEBRUARY 12, 2015 Don’t Miss The Sermon Review! Jakes on Supply & Demand • Sermon Review: Brand New by Andy Stanley Source: Chris Rosebrough, Don’t Miss The Sermon Review! (Accessed 15/02/2015.) Chris has also reviewed Stanley’s next sermon: FEBRUARY 16, 2015 Andy Stanley’s Da Vinci Code Rewrite Of Church History Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: • Andy Stanley’s Da Vinci Code Rewrite of Church History Source: Chris Rosebrough, Andy Stanley’s Da Vinci Code Rewrite Of Church History, Fighting for the Faith, Published 16/02/2015.

Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: **Do Not Miss the Sermon Review, It’s THAT Important** • 2015 Prophetic Stragglers Matt Sorger & Jim Bakker • Cindy Jacobs and the Highway of Holiness? (Accessed 21/02/2015.) Philip Lee writes, What Andy Stanley is Teaching This Month and Why it Matters I’ve listened to Andy Stanley’s most recent Sunday sermon three times now. I listened to the download made available by North Point Community Church, which came from the second service and contains a few minor differences compared to the sermon I watched live.

Both threads converge in a final image that locates friendly warmth in a vulgar text.

An Australian man has been sentenced to an 18 month imprisonment for uploading his ex-housemate's homemade sex tapes to You Tube.

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The apostle Paul says here that our job in this battle is to “destroy strongholds.” You know what a stronghold is? Paul is talking about pretentions, arguments set up against the knowledge of God. And he says, “Destroy these strongholds.” A stronghold can be one of two things: means “to bring into submission, to bring under control.” But how do you do that? As I said above, I have seen the face of mental illness. And the Bible uses at least a dozen different phrases for the condition of our minds under sin. Which means we cannot trust even what we think, ourselves. We tell ourselves that we’re doing okay when we’re not doing okay.) Chris Rosebrough has sounded the alarm for Christians to watch out for Andy Stanley’s latest dangerous teachings.It appears that these new teachings from Stanley will be steering the dangerous Seeker Sensitive “Church” movement into greater apostasy.He was also involved in two other offences, telling a former female employer that he would kill her for ending his contract, and sending a woman a photo of his erect penis in response to an ad she had posted on Gumtree looking for a new flatmate.Dever was handed two suspended sentences, six months for distributing prohibited visual recordings and a further 12 months for using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

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