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Six months after our hasty wedding, Mary gave birth to our first child, a beautiful deep brown eyed boy.

I fell into a good paying job at a defense plant just outside of our home town and we settled into our new life.

We had been together since we were 16 and although we did everything else, we never had full sex. We got to know a guy, Paul, who was a few years older and from the same place as us back home.

He had various girlfriends while we knew him, but nothing permanent.

Babes in the mood to keep on fucking until the last drop while screaming in front of their partners and also posing naughty form them while being filmed on amateur cams. Amateur wives enjoying the black inches up their throats in hot sex tapes along their hubbies.

Mary was, as most were at the time, a stay at home mom and though my wages did not allow much for restaurants or bars, we were happy.

Our hormone driven teen sex life had settled into a once or twice a week routine. As often as I could get away with it, I would go down to my workshop in the basement where I had a stash of skin magazines and masturbated looking at them.

We would regularly go out drinking and then go back to my place or to his, and Jane would stay with me after he left.

We were growing up a bit but still I could have everything but full sex.

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