Xmlvalidatingreader sample

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type is used to resolve external XML resources, such as entities, document type definitions (DTDs), or schemas.

It is also used to process include and import elements found in Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheets or XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas.

读取当前元素,并将内容作为指定类型的对象返回。 (从 Xml Reader 继承。) 追溯读取 Read To Following 一直读取,直到找到具有指定限定名的元素 Read To Descendant 让 Xml Reader 前进到下一个匹配的子代元素。 Read To Next Sibling 让 Xml Reader 前进到下一个匹配的同级元素。 Get Remainder 获取已缓冲的 XML 剩余部分。 Read Subtree 返回新的 Xml Reader 实例,此实例可用于读取当前节点及其所有子节点。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------使用Xml Text Writer快速写入------------------------------------------------------------------------开闭 Xml Text Writer writer = new Xml Text Writer(@"c:\mywriter.xml", null); writer. Write Attribute String("genre", "novel"); //属性值(Write the ISBN attribute.) writer. Write Element String("price", "19.95"); //[CDATA] writer. These credentials are used to check authentication for the different URIs regardless of the original source of the XML.The following example shows how to add credentials to a cache.At the highest level, the classes used to manipulate XML in the Services Framework are included in the namespace collectively supports the W3C standards XML 1.0 and DTDs, XML namespaces ( XML schemas ( XPath expressions ( XSL transformations ( DOM Level 2 Core ( and SOAP 1.1. However, the Services Framework implementation includes better standards compliance and a simpler programming model (especially for streamed access) that should make life easier. That being said, you can continue to use MSXML through COM Interop, although I think you'll find that porting code that works with the DOM will be relatively simple, while rewriting code that uses SAX, the Simple API for XML introduced in MSXML 3.0, will make for a more straightforward and efficient application. Data Public Sub Extract Students(By Val p File Name As String) Dim o Read As Xml Text Reader Try Dim str FName, str LName, str Org As String o Read = New Xml Text Reader(p File Name) o Read.

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