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"He would pull me over on a Friday or Saturday night and give me tickets for stupid stuff, like bald tires.

They were ridiculous things.""He has the experience, the knowledge, the means, and the mind to do that," she said, her voice trailing off.

Unbeknownst to him, however, that inmate, Antonio Smith, was working with the authorities. “This case is wrought with inconsistency and incomplete evidence,“ Lucas Liefer told the jury.

Jurors had heard Smith confirming that arrangements had been made for someone on the outside to carry out the hit. Among those in the public seats was the sister of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacey Peterson, who went missing in 2007.

Imagine, gentle reader, spy gizmos hidden in the TASS camera equipment.

If a group of political insiders in Springfield think that they can bypass the voters and select a nominee, they have learned the wrong lessons from 1960 and from last year’s primary,” Mark Bergman said.“Chris is in this race to stay.”The ring’s the thing? As if the poor dear sister of Kate Middleton, the future queen of England, didn’t have plenty to do to get ready for her nuptials at month’s end.• To wit: It was reported Pippa Middleton was enforcing a ‘no ring, no bring’ policy — which meant if you weren’t married or engaged you “no-could-come” to the wedding.

It stated: “Just a quick note wishing you a happy birthday.

Whatever, Peterson’s birthday greeting to Greenberg was warm. Hope all is well with you and your family.” [Greenberg’s birthday was May 4.]• Added Greenberg: “I bet Peterson gets out before [former Illinois Gov.

Last year, Peterson was also convicted of plotting to murder the prosecutor who put him in prison, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow. Having survived an attack in March by a fellow inmate armed with a food tray, convicted murderer Drew Peterson is alive and well enough to dispatch a birthday card recently to his attorney, Steven Greenberg. Sneed was stunned learning the only official snaps released by President Donald Trump with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office on Wednesday — were taken by the Russian photographer from TASS, a news organization controlled by the Russian government. Imagine Lavrov, the spy recruiter, hootin’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin over what they found hidden behind the Oval Office walls . A jury in Illinois has convicted a former Chicago policeman with attempting to arrange the murder of a prosecutor who put him behind bars three years ago for the murder of one of his wives.The guilty verdict against 62-year Drew Peterson came on Tuesday afternoon from jurors who had deliberated for barely an hour.

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