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‘I mean, if I don’t have a stone in my shoe, I’ll put one in there.’ He smiles abashedly. Perhaps my version of happiness consists of not being happy.That could be my comfort zone.’ All his life, he says, he’s had people offering him variations of the old ‘cheer up mate, it might never happen’ saw: ‘And what I’ve always liked to say in response is, “f--- off”.As the grumpiest doctor on the box, Hugh Laurie rarely shows his gentler side.But after being snapped hugging a cute fluffy white dog in-between shooting scenes for hit series House, it seems that Laurie is really one big softie after all.

Emma Thompson, his former girlfriend, has called him, "lugubriously sexy, like a well-hung eel".Caption: From Right- Joe Green, Rebecca, Hugh Laurie, Charles, and William.on 8 June 2012, the lady had to stay apart from her husband for about eight years due to his profession.His role as Dr Gregory House, the brilliant, cynical, narcissistic anti-hero of the long-running hospital series House, apparently pays him 0,000 an episode, making Hugh, well… It is perfectly possible that the distressing stories of him sitting on walls outside sunny studio lots, with his head buried in his hands ("lost in a private, tortured world of his own…", "finger poised above the self-destruct button…" etc) are overbaked.But it's surely no coincidence that when he recently signed a contract to release an album, his genre was the blues.

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