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(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! Wendi Deng came from smalltown China to woo the most influential men in the world and establish herself as a dynamic and ruthless businesswoman. Quite a step, then, to marrying Rupert Murdoch on his yacht in New York Harbour when she was 30 and he was 68; to writing memos to herself rhapsodising about Tony Blair's allure - 'He has such good body and he has really really good legs. And why shouldn't Putin gaze rapturously into the dark pools of Wendi's eyes?

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At first glance, it would appear that the worlds of fashion and technology rarely intersect. And the best boxers come from the toughest backgrounds.As one denizen of the art world put it to me, 'She's super-super-smart, very quick, with great allure and great charm.Edit Anna Wintour was born in London, United Kingdom to Charles Wintour and Eleanor Trego Baker. She is the eldest child by her parents and has four siblings. He is also a professor of child Psychiatry at Columbia University.

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