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on NBC, follows feisty CIA officer Charleston "Charlie" Tucker (Katherine Heigl) as she navigates her life as the president's daily briefer by day and indulgent partygoer by night — all in the wake of her fiance's murder in an ambush in Kabul three years earlier.

Created by Joe Carnahan and featuring Adam Kaufman and Alfre Woodard, the series marks Heigl's first major TV role since her last 's Tim Goodman writes, "No matter how many NBC promos there are of Heigl telling Woodard with conviction that she's going to kill the terrorists responsible for her fiance's death, it's really not enough.

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THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Prosecutors and police painting Kaufman as a calculating killer. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Adam Kaufman`s defense team says an allergic reaction to a spray tan is to blame for her death. You know, death by spray tan is a novel idea, but let me get the backup. The 911 operator took a panicked, distraught phone call from Adam Kaufman at in the morning in November of 2007. Even though motive is not an element of the crime, that`s something the jury`s going to consider in this case. Get ready to play catch up with 12 actors that represented us on the small screen, why they made their respective impacts, and how they have sustained their careers.Openly gay thespian Mitchell Anderson began his time on TV during the 1980s with minor one-off roles by playing character with names like “Butchie” and “Rod,” (I’ll just let those sink in), prior to his series regular internship as Dr.Disney's tw most famous characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, wore wedding attire and presided over the couple's wedding ceremony. "The children were so in awe of Mickey and Minnie that they didn't really pay attention to the wedding, and then my stepdaughter said, 'Why is Minnie dressed better than you?'" the actress recalled, laughing at the happy memory."My mother was horrified," she said.

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