Vb updating textbox value

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I tried using Worksheet_Selection Change but it was cumbersome and unsatisfactory. How can I when someone fills in the first activecell address and presses enter, move focus to an other textbox underneath it to specify the next cell address using the same method as before?

I'm thinking about using something like I have been trying to find the solution without avail.

Psycho Coder's Ctrl K thing didn't work for me. Still, it never hurts to try, so I wrote some test code.

When you run the script, and change worksheet, it won't fill in the textboxes.

The reason for having this feature is that i have it now so that 1. The user has then the choice to select a worksheet (using the tabs) 5.

To set the value of Textbox2 based on the value entered in Textbox1, you need to place your VBA code on the "After Update" event of Textbox1.

When the Choose Builder window appears, highlight Code Builder.

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