Validating distress thermometer tool screen

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Sensitivity and specificity of the Distress Thermometer and a two-item depression screen (Patient Health Questionnaire-2) with a 'help' question for psychological distress and psychiatric morbidity in patients with advanced cancer.

Thank you Di for supporting the #WMTY17 campaign, I know this is an area you have been passionate about for many years and your drive and commitment is palpable.

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Being a nurse I was so nervous at a forthcoming procedure. They were always so kind and professional, not only did my cousin receive first class treatment and care but they also cared for his family and loved ones showing remarkable communication skills and understanding. His end of life care was given with such gentle compassion and dignity.However I was utterly reassured by the anaesthetic room nurse who was amazing (I didn't get her name sadly) but she was so very kind to me. I do not know the names of everyone who cared for my cousin but they were all wonderful, a huge thank you to them all.Recovery were great and the Sandbourne ward nurses (Gracie and Cheryl) were just lovely and reiterated everything I should know. The staff I do know who cared for my cousin and all the family were Amy, Heather, Jenny, Dr Chee and Dr White.Hearing and dealing with the news of a cancer diagnosis is typically associated with high levels of distress for adolescents and young adults (AYAs).Early detection through distress screening is important in preventing long term mental health issues for these young people.

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