Validating content from xml files

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This scope of this white paper is limited to providing guidance on ODM-XML and Define-XML schema validation.It does not provide guidance on other important areas of ODM-XML or Define-XML validity including: This white paper proposes practices and tools to improve ODM-XML and Define-XML schema validation.Regardless of whether you have validation enabled upon saving or not, the following command is still available for validating xml files on demand.

validating content from xml files-31

If a document is valid, a successful validation message is displayed in the Messages window.

See the next section below for a description of the error message and how to fix validation errors with the smart fixes of XMLSpy.

if you do not want these suggestions to be displayed.

The goal is to foster more consistent validation results to facilitate interchange and submissions of ODM-XML and Define-XML documents.

The guidance will also apply to other ODM-XML extensions, but no examples will be provided for extensions other than Define-XML.

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