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It contains three things – the main switch, fuses and/or circuit breakers, and Residual Current Devices.

A) Main Switch – this allows you to turn off the electricity supply to your home.

The melted fuse breaks the circuit, disconnecting the faulty circuit and keeping you safe.

If your fusebox has a wooden back, cast iron switches, or a mixture of fuses it is likely that it dates back to before the 1960s and will need to be replaced.

Equipped with Wi Fi, the Belkin We Mo light switch lets you turn the lights on or off from anywhere. Now you can control your lights without needing to be anywhere in or even near your house, or set up rules for time-specific operation.

You pride yourself in your DIY skills, but some days, it's great to take the brainwork out of making things work the way you want them to.

When a switch does finally wear out, replacing it is a simple job.

You can already hear the oohs and aahs every time your lights just turn on or fade away slowly of their own volition.

With a "wave" of your smartphone or tablet, you can discreetly set the ambience when the occasion calls for it, or better yet, program your lights to follow the rise and setting of the sun. The only negative point that I would have is that it will not work with all household wiring configurations that are commonly found in a switch box.

There also a random mode -- great when you're away on vacation so that your house has lived in look. supposed to have an option to have the switches turn on/off at sunrise/sunset. anytime i change the programmed time for the lights to turn on/off, i have to create a new rule. The center currently uses a combination of WEMO and Lift Master wireless switches.

The Lift Master switches currently controls a set of lights that are used constantly.

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