Updating php redhat 9

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This is my post about the steps which I used to update the versions of PHP and My SQL on RHEL 5.3.

As of this writing the latest versions of PHP is 5.2.9 and that of My SQL server is 5.1.32-1.

The installation of RHEL5 (after making updates) had versions of PHP/My SQL which were as much as 2.5 years old.

You obviously don’t want so old versions of the software for security reasons.

Well, because on https:// Eric clearly states it is not possible: The problem is because all the PHP packages have their binaries are in the same locations.

When PHP4 was still in use, Virtualmin supported using PHP4 and PHP5 on the same server -- but that was because both PHP versions were designed to work side-by-side.

This book contains best practices information on using PHP and Oracle effectively and efficiently, with lots of examples and sample code.

Lately, I moved Geek Flare from Shared Hosting to Digital Ocean on Cent OS 6.6 and it was all ok till I received “High-risk vulnerabilities” detected alert from Scan My Server.

In Cent OS 6.x when you install php-fpm, you will get 5.3 by default, which is considered high risk as an unsupported version.

As with any upgrade on a production server is is highly recommended to backup your data.

You will need to download and install Yum for this.

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