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Microsoft's free My Xbox LIVE app hasn't received many updates since its launch last December, but the recently released v1.5 brings some worthwhile changes.

If you haven't used My Xbox LIVE, it allows you to take your Xbox LIVE account with you wherever you go.

A week ago, that interface was fast and fluid and totally hitch-free, but this morning, it’s like someone walked the frame rate down to single-digits-ville.

I noticed one of the issues the update fixes was: “Addresses dashboard performance for some users.” I can’t imagine what changed between now and a week ago that I’m now one of “some users.” Did Microsoft issue a silent update that my Xbox One downloaded unwittingly, and that introduced the issue?

On the i Phone, you'll now be able to use your i Phone with your Xbox to "connect, control and discover" content the console.

You can now connect your i Phone for access to a quick list of all your recent console activity.

"Because of the complexity of this customer support process we've actually removed the page and we will work with customers directly to make sure they have a smooth experience." It may be that the process was simply too difficult to explain - and would probably only have been used by a small percentage of the console's new userbase.

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"It's a recovery file in case something goes wrong.

Poke around in your Xbox One settings and you’ll find nothing helpful, no log files or download histories to peruse, no way to guesstimate what might have knocked things out of orbit.

It’s as if Microsoft believes we’re living in some perfect future moment, where being able to back-step through a device’s activities is nonessential, and where system updates work without problems every time.

The files which users could download to do so have also been pulled.

"The site was not an alternative way to take the Day One update and customers still need to connect to Xbox Live for the update," a spokesperson said.

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