Updating links between excel and powerpoint

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At present these links refer to an old version of the excel file in a specific file locations. If I were trying to do it I would use this logic: read the whole name into a whole String find the position of the open square bracket in whole String copy everything upto and including the square bracket into a new variable, start String find the position of the close square bracket in whole String copy the close square bracket and everything after it into end String then concatenate the parts with: whole String = start String & Excel File & end String You may have to play with Excel File to get it to just give you just the filename without the full path - possibly with yet another variable, say Excel File Short Good luck, and Merry Christmas.

The Power Point file is 20 pages long with perhaps 30 separate links to excel file.

I suggest you consider the default paste method (using Ctrl V) for copying cells from Excel to Power Point.

You don’t have to retype the data and you get a Power Point table that can be formatted and edited at the last minute if needed.

Paste special option does not allow users to edit the charts. However, I am getting a pop up menu asking to update the file in my documents folder. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Hence, I am unable to use this paste special option. My source i.e excel file is located in my desktop folder.

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