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Eine Deinstallation ist generell möglich, wird aber nicht empfohlen, wenn das System problemlos läuft.Es ist nur für eine DEUTSCHE Version von WINDOWS 98 SECOND EDITION / Zweite Ausgabe geeignet.Das "Windows 98 SE Service Pack" ist ein selbstentpackendes und selbstinstallierendes Updatepaket, ähnlich der Updates von Microsoft.Das Updatepaket installiert nur die entsprechenden Bugfixes für ihr System.All you require is an Internet connection available to the PC you wish to install onto and the Installer file available to download from below.Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (6.0.2800.1106) This distribution of Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 will bring Windows 98, Millennium, NT 4.0 SP6a, 2000 and XP RTM users to the highest available browser technology currently available.Ein "frisch" aufgesetztes Windows 98 SE wird empfohlen. Weiterer Support und Diskussion ist im englischsprachigen Forum möglich!

While some copies of a standalone version of Outlook 2007 were sold in early 2007, installations generally requires purchasing a version of Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. PST format that can be exported and then imported into a newer version of Outlook. Windows Live Mail was included with Windows Vista and can be upgraded to the latest version of Windows Mail through the above Live Mail link. In order to install Windows Mail, you will need to visit the above mentioned link.

For Microsoft Windows Windows 98 and Windows 98SE: 16 MB (megabytes) of RAM (random access memory) minimum For Microsoft Windows NT 4.0: 32 MB of RAM minimum You must be running Service Pack 6a For Microsoft Windows 2000: 64 MB of RAM minimum For Microsoft Windows Millennium: 64 MB of RAM minimum For Microsoft Windows XP: 64 MB of RAM minimum Minimal installation: Required to install: 45 MB Required to run: 27 MB after restart Typical installation: Required to install: 70 MB Required to run: 55 MB after restart Full installation: Required to install: 111 MB Required to run: 80 MB after restart Before you can install Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 for Windows NT 4.0 you must first update your system to Service Pack 6a with High Encryption.

It's very important for the progression of this service pack. It's a benevolent community of w98 enthousiasts who will try to help you. A copy of the "windows" and "Program Files" directories, at least the "windows" directory, preferably on a second physical hard drive or on CD or DVD or an external drive.

We recommend that Windows XP users download and install Windows XP SP2 as this Service Pack will install Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2.

Windows Server 2003 users should not attempt to install this redistributable on their systems due to the nature of changes made to the Internet Explorer release under Windows 2003, the files are incompatible.

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