Updating gentoo kernel

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After downloading the rrdtool’s latest RPM, you can run “rpm –i" to install the new package, or “rpm –u” if you are updating rrdtool.

Plug in the HDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable and Peripherals Unless you are planning on running your PINE A64( ) headless (without a monitor / as a server), you should plug in all necessary peripherals, including the HDMI and Ethernet cable, prior to powering ON the board. Some HDMI→DVI/VGA converters may not work in conjunction with your monitor or TV.

Android is typically installed to the internal nand flash using Live Suit or Phoenix Card.

It is not easily possible to update the in Live Suit images so you need an image for your particular device.

Please try our PINE64 Installer to easily select the PINE A64( ), SOPINE and Pinebook OS of your choice and flash it to your Micro SD Card. Always hold the board by the edges and make sure to wear an anti-static wrist strap when handling the PINE A64( ).

For more advance steps, you can further read instructions below. Touching components on the front and back of the board can result in an ESD discharge that may damage your board.

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