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One method is to pattern the implementation team after a city council-manager form of government, according to the Foundation for Community Association Research.

In this model, a condominium association's board assumes the council's executive role, with the property-management team handling day-to-day oversight, just as a city manager does.

It is the goal of SPSC to work with the campus community during the spring 2016 semester to finalize a plan to submit to President Wheeler who will forward it to the ESF Board of Trustees for action at their May 2016 meeting.

The University of Illinois at Springfield is a young university – only 43 years old.

It is organized around five strategic directions, referred to as VISTA: Value to Members, Innovation, Student Success, Thought Leadership and Advocacy.

These directions outline a strong future for HLC, its members and other stakeholders, and they reaffirm HLC’s mission statement: HLC’s Board of Trustees endorsed the plan at its June 2016 meeting.

To complete the plan's objectives, a small-business entrepreneur must designate employees to perform specific tasks, which avoids duplicating efforts.

However, when goals are not being met, management must remain equally willing to rethink its objectives and prepare a system to review them. To carry out new policies and procedures effectively, employees need a solid grasp of the plan's contents.

is not as relevant today as it was in 2003 as many of the objectives have been met or are no longer appropriate and challenges and opportunities have changed, the broader goals of the plan are still valid and can be enhanced by the documents and feedback generated by our faculty, staff and students during the previous year’s planning process.

refers to both the target audience and the communicator.

Depending on the scope of your implementation, you should define the appropriate groups to be involved in the process. After the target audience has been specified, a communicator should be assigned to each group with the task of effectively disseminating the message.

As a campus of the University of Illinois, UIS aspires to be a premier public university; we are committed to achieving that vision by building on our foundation of innovation and engagement and by pursuing excellence in all that we do.

STRONG FOUNDATIONS: THE 2006 STRATEGIC PLAN In 2006, UIS formally completed its first comprehensive strategic plan as the Springfield campus of the University of Illinois.

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