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Strauss learns habits that, as he sees it, are often basic—and should have been taught to him by society in the first place.The book then narrates the journey of how Strauss goes through the stages of becoming a pickup artist (a description of the members of the community) and gains the pseudonym "Style".

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The Sex God Method is a complete and comprehensive guide to sexual mastery.

We often do see men who have swarms of females around them, and we tend to think that it would be because...

Leil Lowndes' How to Talk to Anyone offers 101 time-tested hints, tips, and techniques for confidently communicating with others.

If you know a fuller version of the opener post it in the thread and I’ll update it. BLIND DATE (unknown) Walk up to a girl or a group of girls. ” (chicks usually either laugh or look quizzically) “Because we were outside and some dude came up to him and touched him on the shoulder like this… I’m going to get 4 times the boyfriend complaints; I’ll never get in the fucking bathroom… ” Sometimes this will send the woman off on a long blab, but if the conversation needs to be kept going, the follow-up routine is: “The reason I’m asking is because my friend over there met a girl in a club last week.

I really tried my best to quickly clean these up and make them the best versions I possibly could though. (no guys in the group preferred you will know what I mean) Say loud and clear, “hey, I need your opinion on something.” “I am going on a blind date with some girl and I am very nervous about it. (cheap kino on girl) and asked, ‘Hey man, you got some E? If she says, “Yes, but I’m French”, you reply, “Are all French girls as greedy as you? I’m gonna have to start showering at the truck stop, and you KNOW they’re gonna synchronize. He wasn’t interested in her sexually, because she wasn’t really his type.” (Here the woman might say “Sure,” in which case you reply “No, really!

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