Tribal wars self updating maps

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Clicking the plus shows the color selector for the marker.The plus or minus with the refresh icon refreshes the map immediately, the normal plus or minus adds or removes the marker without refresh. By now you can choose between german, english and russian. " tab you can find links as BBCode or URL for linking the map in forums.

Clicking a village on the map brings up a popup with Informations and further options.

In the last couple of days we were testing the new updates system, and now we finally switched to it.

It should drastically reduce server load and improve user convenience.

Access everything within one click, click a village and a menu with over a dozen of options will be displayed. Save notes for villages, players and tribes, indicated by an icon in the tooltip and an optional tooltip text. You can tune everything to your own preference with over fifty customizable settings.

You can contact Tribal Wars Map by sending an email to [email protected]

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