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To be ruled by one’s emotions and feelings, uncontrolled and undirected by logic, values and clear thinking, with no clear sense of goals and responsibility, is to ignore the only factors which can establish a firm foundation for a permanent and mature life-long relationship.The theme repeated everywhere in novels and movies is that “I am in love and my love is beyond my control”; “I fell in love”; it was as though someone pushed me off a cliff and it was all accidental and unintentional.

Don’t accept blind dates, unless you know who the potential partner is.Faith and love which are gifts of the Holy Spirit are such great and powerful means that a person who has them can easily, and with joy and consolation, go the way Jesus Christ went.Besides this, the Holy Spirit gives man the power to resist the delusions of the world so that although he makes use of earthly good, yet he uses them as a temporary visitor, without attaching his heart to them.Without a doubt we, as a church, should be engaged in charity.In the Scriptures, the very word for “charity” means “love”, and since “God is love” the primary work of the Christian is charity. Paul in 1 Corinthians, “though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels…

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    As per the authors, this is probably not linked to Islamic period : "In an analysis of all the persons in the populations having mutations identifying them as haplogroup L, which is geographically associated with Africa, the Maltese population did not share haplotypes with any North African populations, as had been expected due to the geographical proximity. estimated that the L2a1c6 haplogroup, the most common L haplogroup in Malta, emerged between 600 and 2,900 years ago.

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