Teenage dating laws in texas

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You may be in an unhealthy relationship if your partner . The Volunteer Coordinator will notify all interested hotline volunteers of upcoming trainings.

- gets angry when you talk or hang out with other friends or people of the opposite sex; - bosses you around; - often gets in fights with other people or loses his or her temper; - pressures you to have sex or to do something sexual that you don't want to do; - uses drugs and/or alcohol, and tries to pressure you into doing the same thing; - swears at you or uses mean language; - blames you for his or her problems, or tells you that it is your fault that he or she hurt you; - insults or tries to embarrass you in front of other people; - has physically hurt you; - makes you feel scared of their reactions to things; and/or - always wants to know where you are going and who you are with. All Hotline Intake Screeners and Hotline Attorneys are required to take volunteer training.

I live just outside of Dallas, and I can tell you that there is no laws for teens dating each other.

If you're a teenager, say..16 years old, and you're trying to date someone who's 19. Once you hit 18 you can date 1 90-year-old if you want, but as long as you're under 18 you should probably stick to people around your age.

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