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Starting 3 days ago, I come back to my system and have a pop-up windows saying Windows has run updates and needs to restart, Now or Later. Know It All, but Google, Ubuntu, and 5 others, configure them all to connect back to any of 6 different server platforms, across any of 60 different Cisco Routers, with an array of client based industry specific databases, and enterprise-class managed systems, setup Active Directory for a few, some with enforced policies and some without, inter alia, and find an odd anomaly with 1 of the virtual systems, on 1 of the 9,000 other systems, post a simplified question for low-level creative types as yourself, and what do you get? jefro - without even knowing what is possible, or being tested, in a multi-billion dollar infrastructure, you would assume to know more than the person posting the question?I've recently installed several new programs that might be back-dooring an auto-update? Here's something you do not have to assume: I have tried to phrase this better but can't find a way.In which case when I look at the documentation is says "Get the number of milliseconds since the SDL library initialization." However all your calculations seems to be in seconds.So if you treat the output from I straight up just changed it from a Uint32 into a double, dividing by 1000.0 however updates are still either too fast or my velocity is being somehow calculated too fast (didn't think it was this but Ill have to dive deeper into what I'm doing to just double check)@sl133 Well if you are still having problems after all of this you could try adding your new code to you question. Thin VNC and Teamviewer 6Any thoughts as to which of these might be the Auto-updating culprit? Seems like I could 'head them all off at the pass' by disabling Windows itself from updating, but even with the following settings, the updates are coming through: I have set Windows Update in Control Panel to Never Update, I have disabled Bonjour Service and Windows Update, in Services. Dear jefro: "You want the updates." What are you, 12 years old?

Using a simple counter (see above) to count the number of times Update is being called still reveals 15 Updates() during that loop.Velocity = 0.05 works, but this does not seem logical; to me Velocity should be 0?; even a value of 0.5 makes the update appear instant).I have Auto-Update Disabled but my Win7 64 bit Ultimate is still updating. The immediate questions comes from a 9,000 system installation, where I installed fiber optics into any of the 20 IBM mainframes 21 years ago and continue to manage 'from home.' I own 5 computer companies, am a published technical writer, went to law school, and own a bike probably more expensive than your car.I want to be in control of my own updates and have been able to run them manually when and how I like until just recently. Now let's take "1" system, install six more virtual systems on it running not just Windows, as you probably incorrectly assume as Mr.

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