Speed dating how to follow up

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If they’re unsure, they may choose to just ignore the email altogether.

Reference some part of your conversation; “You might remember we talked about how we’ve both traveled to Australia…”, and you might also include a small tasteful picture of yourself if you don’t have one uploaded in your profile.

If Ted turns out to be a potential psycho, say something like: “Thank you for meeting me here, Ted, but I think I’ll just hitch a ride home with my friends now-I have a big day tomorrow.” TAKE IT SLOW.

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The women are seated around the room and the men rotate, usually spending two to five minutes with each woman. There is no need to slay them with your humor or wow them with your intelligence. As with all social and networking events, keep your remarks positive. Appreciation is much more attractive than sarcasm and complaints. Her observation is that most people have the giving side of the equation down, but struggle with receiving.

You’ve made it through your first speed dating event, and you anxiously await to hear whether or not the attraction you felt for the matches on your score card was mutual. You still need to treat the first date with as much caution as you would any blind date because that’s still pretty much what it is-except for the fact that you’ve already stolen a peek at him or her. Meet in a public place for only an hour or two the first time.

Your heart skips a beat-or two-when your host provides you with a contact number. Have a back-up plan just in case your god or goddess begins to exhibit some red flags (talks about an ex all the time, seems to hate most members of the opposite sex, touches you inappropriately, uses language that makes you uncomfortable, just makes you uneasy in general).

So, we at 25thought it would be fitting to put together some Contact Email Etiquette to help you guys be more effective and progress to the next step – aka the First “Real” Date!

**Contact Email Etiquette:** # Make sure you remember who it is you’re writing to.

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