Spaniard dating customs

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When you’re formally introduced to a Spaniard you should say ‘good day’ ( buenos días señor/señora/señorita) or ‘good evening’ ( buenas tardes) and shake hands (a single pump is enough). , to which the reply is usually ‘fine, thank you, and you? Elderly friends are often addressed as ‘male’ ( don) and ‘female’ ( doña), followed by their Christian name (considerable courtesy and respect is shown to women and the elderly in Spain).Spanish men shake hands on meeting and again on departing, whether it’s a casual meeting in the street or a formal occasion. When someone thanks you ( gracias), it’s polite to reply ‘it was nothing/you’re welcome’ ( de nada).My two girlfriends and I will be studying abroad in Spain (Madrid) for 3 months.

Some fiestas are based on religion, and occur around major religious holidays or events associated with a town's patron saints; other fiestas celebrate the anniversary of some historic event. Spain has beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

DO LOOK PRESENTABLE: Sports clothes are fine if you are actually doing sport, but ditch the sweat pants when you’re not at the gym.

Spaniards, in general, like to dress smartly and would never go on a date in anything resembling casual sportswear.

The customs of Spanish teenagers are a mixture of the old and the new -- much like Spain itself.

Some customs enjoyed by Spanish teens date to the Middle Ages, while others are as new as the Internet.

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