South asian parents dating

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And yet that hasn’t diminished the site’s popularity; 24,000 of the GTA’s 684,000 South Asians now use Shaadi’s services, including parents who set up profiles for their eligible children—a computer­-age variation on the arranged marriage. They argued that if I didn’t start looking, there wouldn’t be anyone left to marry when I’m older.

They set up my profile and described me as a kind-hearted person, working in Toronto, born and raised in Canada, with good family values, well-liked by everyone and known to be very down-to-earth.

It is comforting to discuss problems with friends who have had the same experiences and may know more about how to handle them.

Back to top Family members provide security and familiarity in a teenager’s life.

“You do these four things and I will be happy,” she said. You see, based on a just-released Pew Research Center report, although Asian Americans are still more likely to outmarry than any other race — a full 28% of Asians marrying in 2010 wed a non-Asian spouse — this percentage actually represents a drop from 31% in 2008.

And four, marry a nice Taiwanese girl.” Thirty years later, and I’m two for four.

"I have had a friend get angry at me for canceling plans, or more often at my parents, which is a sticky situation to get in to."Sometimes, it is difficult to help a friend from a completely different background understand where parents are coming from, but a good friend will listen, and try to understand.

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When I was young, I remember my mom telling me once that she really had only four big hopes for me. I reminded her of this other day: “Remember that list you had for me back when? In baseball, that makes me a superstar.” ,” she retorted. Anyway, the conversation came up because we’d independently emailed each other an article recently published in the New York Times “Style” section, detailing the latest hot trend to hit the Times breakroom: Apparently, more and more Asian Americans are defying convention by…marrying Asian Americans.

I don’t want to date someone from India; the cultural difference is too big.

My parents have an idea of what kind of daughter-in-law they want—they’re Christian and they want a religious person, but religion isn’t that important to me.

But Shaadi bills itself as a site for people who want to marry, not a hangout for promiscuous daters, and it requires that its members indicate skin complexion and religion and caste—decidedly old-fashioned ideas that have created something of an image problem.

Many of its members deny they use it out of embarrassment.

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