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Marudai,"Some Common Fixed Point Theo- rems in Cone Metric Spaces", International Journal Of Mathematical Sciences And Engineering Applications(IJMSEA), Vol.5, no. Marudai, Best proximity results for KKM0- multimaps, Far-east Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS), Vol. There is known an unit whose continuous flexible element (belt), of square or circular cross-section, is looped several times on a driving pulley.There are also known other two units, one whose continuous flexible element (belt) is driven between two special profile cogwheels, one providing torque and the other being used to press the belt on the torque providing cogwheel, and the second unit, whose continuous flexible element is looped over a torque providing cogwheel and pressed on this cogwheel by a cog chain whose cogs match the ones of the cogwheel.An artificial oil lifting unit uses an endless olephilic absorbent belt, driven by a surface equipment and tensed by a down hole equipment placed in the well production casing.The said absorbent belt (1) is looped over a central pulley (2) from a driving and collecting module (C) and driven by a double...

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 510.In any case, it's a good idea to have a plan in place when you're ready to start having sex again. Barrier methods physically prevent sperm from reaching the egg.They don't affect your hormones, interfere with lactation, or have any significant side effects.Unlike many contraceptives, you and your partner can use condoms as soon as you're ready to become sexually active again.So even if you don't intend to rely on condoms for the long term, you can use them while you're waiting to start your preferred birth control method.

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