Single men dating moms kids

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, There is absolutely no reason for a responsible, successful man to date a single mother.

Only the desperate men who can't do better have to settle for them.....

Sexy single moms will put up with more of your little ideocracies, because they know a lot of men will not date a woman with kids, but they will also demand more because are always thinking about how your behavior is going to impact their child. They know marrying a man from overseas can revolutionize their life and the life of their child.

My single mom friend Morghan and I both had a bad reaction to a recent Huffington Post article discouraging single parents from rushing into introducing a potential mate to the kids.

She is a fellow single mom to two preschoolers, and a divorce lawyer and mediator.

t's a no brainer that only desperate men date single moms, but I figure I put some analysis behind it.

Not only are these men desperate, but they have no self-worth in themselves because they willing want to raise another man's offspring, most likely "bad boy" offspring at that, and take resources from their labors that could be used to propagate their own biological offspring - which even further makes them biological failures along with being desperate and having no self worth.

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