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In reality, the sexy times are best kept incognito — especially when you've got kids to think about. all they want is companionship with their feline friends. (Catster)Everyone's sex life works best with firm boundaries set up.I had no idea that there were boundaries that the government made for us! (Huffington Post Weird News)"I've loved you forever" is one of those romantic, awww-inducing lines from every classic romcom in existence.(Ask Men)We've all seen those sexy scenes in movies.

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This man might've taken a romantic hyperbole and made it extra creepy. (Pop Sugar)If you're more interested in taking a selfie than cuddling the naked human in your bed, then there's a problem.

Learn more: org/embody DESCRIPTION At the root of all abuse is the fact that someone else knows.

One out of every three adolescents in the United States is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner.

Life can’t be all work and play; every man needs a list of things that he can do that will better his prowess, make him more skilled, and to direct his energy in his downtime.

Sure, you might have a kickass electric train collection or an assortment of beer-bottles from around the world stacked up on your kitchen counter, but what do these sorts of hobbies have to do with you as a person?

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