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No arrests were made on Wednesday after a huge brawl at a park in Bristol that was caught on camera. Now, police are trying to identify those involved in the broad daylight fight.“Chick was in her bra, everyone was clubbing everyone in the face and it was so ruthless,” eyewitness Matt Alio said.

The videos posted to social media and You Tube showed tempers flaring during what police called a “large fight” at Rockwell Park. Alio said the fight lasted a couple of minutes.“There was just a swarm of people and everyone was just clubbing each other,” Alio said.

Parents are looking to hold them accountable.“They're old enough to know this isn't the place for it.

Noah Mc Coy died this week after a one-vehicle crash near exit 12 around a.m. State police said Noah was ejected from a pickup truck after it slid into the center median.Eyewitness News dug a little deeper and found Newman has been arrested in the past, and has done jail time for driving under the influence.Court documents also show last November he was stopped by Plainville police while driving recklessly.“For that to be occurring with children here, it's ignorant.”Gonzales said she was at Rockwell Park for the fight.Her two-year-old thankfully wasn't, but many children were at Rockwell Park.

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