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Students and faculty have always interacted informally, on campus and off. Social networking sites (SNSs), like Facebook, introduce another space in which they interact, contributing to a blurring of boundaries between professional and personal personas. Implications for dual relationships in a context collapsed digital environment 6. Introduction Facebook and other online social network sites (SNSs) [1] are deeply embedded in modern culture. Communications on SNSs may be seen as simply an extension of on- and off-campus lives, and hence fall under the same policies governing institutional codes of conduct. The growth of SNS use is evident in higher education, both in regard to personal communication tools and in support of teaching and learning in the classroom (, 2010; Arnold and Paulus, 2010). The medium however, allowing for the capture and broadcast of events in academic and everyday lives, merits special considerations for contemporary faculty and administrators. While the latter is a compelling contemporary topic, the paper focuses on the former. Click a link and chat with someone living near North Carolina now.

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Facebook is reportedly used by nearly 50 percent of the population in North America, more than 35 percent of the population in Western Europe, nearly 30 percent of the population in Latin America, and nearly 25 percent of the population in Central and Eastern Europe [3].

Facebook diffusion among students, in particular, has been evident since the early days of the platform.

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