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A woman who went into a coma following a traumatic labour seven years ago has astounded doctors by waking up.

Danijela Kovacevic, from Serbia, gave birth to a baby girl, Marija, in 2009 but lapsed into unconsciousness after developing deadly blood poisoning, sepsis.

Essex is a great county full of fantastic countryside, friendly people and fun days out.

Located in the East of England just North-East of London, Essex has loads of things to offer visitors, from refined historic houses, gardens and museums to entertaining seaside resorts and theme parks.

There is also plenty to keep those interested in outdoor pursuits amused, with lots of rural landscapes perfect for exploring on foot, by bike or even by boat.

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The young girl is now seven years old and, in one particularly heart-warming image, is seen cuddling her mother who appears to gaze back in wonder.aka "Dunn-dock hun", a rotting cesspool on the Eastern side of Baltimore County, Maryland (known to those in Dundalk as "Merr-land").Sandwiched between a sewage treatment center aka the shit plant and a disgusting town called Highlandtown, Dundalk houses some of the most vile Maryland residents.As a result, her family are trying to inspire donations from well-wishers who can alleviate the financial burden.Specifically, the family claim they needs a further 50,000 Euros (£43,000) for the treatment to continue.'These are minor recoveries, but Danijela is much better that before,' her father, Djordje Kovacevic, said.

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