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Sub Chart Slide Show() Dim Cht As Chart Object Dim User Sheet As Worksheet Set User Sheet = Active Sheet Application. The order of the slides is determined by the z-order of the charts on the worksheet.You can change the z-order by right-clicking the chart object, and using the 'send forward' or 'send backward' command.As you are working on a worksheet, copying and moving information from one place to another, you may wonder if there is a way to copy or move a selection without Excel changing all the references within the selection. If you are copying a selection, then Excel will update all relative references within the selection when you paste it. ) Let's take a look at how you can both copy and move selections in Excel.The solution, of course, is to make sure that all the references within the selection are absolute before doing the copy and paste. Formula, _ xl A1, , xl Absolute) Next c Application. Formula, _ xl A1, , xl Relative, c) Next c Application.Making the changes to the formulas by hand is tedious. Screen Updating = True End Sub Once this macro is run, you can copy and paste the selection without Excel doing any updating to references. Screen Updating = True End Sub This macro will change all formulas in the selected range to their relative equivalent.These are best stored as text in the database, and not as numbers as they often are in Excel.

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What about references to the information in the selection?If you are after a VBA code to allow you to convert all the text in small letters into upper case letter then you should read this tutorial.In this article, we will learn how to convert lower case text to upper case text with VBA macro code.However, if the number is preceded with an apostrophe, as for a label, Access will correctly import it as text without the leading apostrophe.To prepare Social Security Numbers for importing in Access a quick little macro can come in handy—one that makes sure that leading zeros are present and that the apostrophe is in place for the cell.

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