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The radiocarbon dating method was developed in the 1940's by Willard F.

It is an extinct volcano, which according to local legends last erupted in 442 BC. UKT: I have left out this figure because it is not relevant to Myanmar). From anomaly 34 to 19 (84-44 Ma ago) India made its spectacular rapid northwards flight with rates of 15 to 17 cm a: the anomalies are aligned east-west, offset by major north-south transform faults.One of the faults is the Investigator Ridge; others lie close to and parallel to the Ninety-East Ridge.The prominent Nine-East Ridge is the trace of a single mantle hotspot, which now lies under the Kerguelen Plateau in the south Indian Ocean. Around magnetic anomaly 19 time (44 Ma ago), spreading completely ceased at the Wharton Ridge in the northern Indian Ocean (Curray and Munasinghe 1989). Press, 2005, Geological Framework Landforms of Southeast Asia Early history of Burma - Wikipedia 080915 Irrawaddy River Valley (Burma) or Dry Zone - Peregrine and Ember, Encyclopedia of Prehistory , 2001. Prepared for students and staff of TIL Computing and Language Center, Yangon, MYANMAR : , |Top Physical Geography of Southeast Asia - by Avijit Gupta, Physical Geography of Southeast Asia, Oxford Univ.

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