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Visitors can then go to unwind and relax at the Late Shift Bar, enjoy an espresso in the Portrait Café or grab dinner in the Portrait Restaurant.Taking place throughout the year, Design Overtime takes on a new theme each time, sometimes inspired by the Design Museum’s current exhibition.It’s that time of the month again and this time, it’s all about sex (baby)!Come and join the Science Museum in discovering why we fancy the people we do, whether humans can be monogamous and how good you really are at drawing penises.What’s more this month I, Science are going to be there asking isit us and see how good your knowledge of animal genitalia really is and learn some intriguing facts about the wild life of wildlife to share around the water-cooler at work the next day.

On 27 August 2014 Guerilla Science were invited to curate one of the Science Museum’s monthly Lates.

Or avoid the biology altogether, by checking out the Museum's usual Lates distractions, such as the science quiz, the silent disco and the Web Lab.

This adults-only event is always a big old laugh, giving you the chance to wander round the museum's halls, glass of wine in hand with no nippers running around.

Open until pm on the last Friday of every month (except December), you’ll get to see the world-renowned Dinosaurs gallery in a new light.

Then indulge in hearty British food , such as venison and wild boar stew, as you enjoy live music in the Central Hall.

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