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We are sitting on a bench in a park in New York's East Village. Around us, the bums and winos occasionally break into spirited bouts of cursing, sometimes at one another, at other times themselves. Where he is today is pretty much where every young actor in Hollywood dreams of being.

Here, you had to remind yourself you were making a film," he said.

Dressed in a V-neck shirt, trousers and loafers, his ankles evenly tanned and his shoulders gym-toned, he looks casual but immaculate, an expensive version of himself, an object lesson in the Los Angeleno art of maximising one's resources. 'If you look at him on screen, your eye automatically goes to him. And very few actors who have that also have the guts to pursue the movies they want to do, rather than take the dream machine offered to them.

If I do this for 10 more years I'll be shocked.' I stare at him to make out how serious he's being.

"Michelle and I found it hard to take off our wedding bands when it was over.

We'd built this castle and then had to tear it down." Read the rest of Ryan's interview here.

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