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Unfortunately, he suffered from a hernia in episode 5 and he and Smith, who also obtained injuries during the show, were removed from the competition in episode 11.

Starkman and Smith won 5 of the 10 challenges they appeared in.

More information on The Ruins, via Wikipedia: Divided into two teams, one of champions of past challenge shows, and a team of challengers who have never won a challenge show. Apparently from the previews on MTV, Wes and Kenny will be on bad terms cause of the whole Johanna situation.

And I thought Kelly Anne said she would never do one of these again.

Our planet became absolutely impossible to live on.

The number of people dramatically decreased, and humankind realised that there was the only one way to survive — escape from Earth and colonise Mars, the nearest planet which was already quite well explored.

Naughty Kenny - Header Ok Love1 Passwords tested = 1680 (time = 14.88, rate = 113 p/s) Kenny - Header CRC Ok Testing archive Kenny - Header CRC Ok Testing Kenny - CRC OK In hex (PCL style): B E E Passwords tested = 1680 (time = 14.90, rate = 113 p/s) Total tested = 1680, slow tests = 1 After many years of poor ecological situation, global robotisation and dominating of artificial intelligence, the resources on planet Earth turned out to be depleted.The Duel began in late 2006 and ended early 2007, and was Starkman's second RW/RR Challenge.He won 6 out of the 13 challenges he competed in, and was defeated by Chris "C.Jay Sean and his beautiful wife Thara Natalie welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Ayva Loveen Kaur Jhooti into their lives on Dec.The proud new dad announced her arrival and showed off a stunning collage of his daughter’s first snaps on Dec.16, along with the most touching message to his new family!

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