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So many amusing comments in this recent post comparing German and Russian women.

And where are all the stories analyzing men, their looks and their behaviors? Today for the English speakers, I'll share an interesting discussion about Russian and American men.

In general, I'm always amazed how often bloggers discuss women on LJ!

Everything about them - appearance, age, mentality - dissecting every single component of their being.

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In general, women's breasts bare in Ukraine missed, except for breastfeeding.

Beautiful big bust excites men not less than the big and little russian girl's chest with a beautiful form.

This is a big misconception that only a great female udders capable of driving up the wall and the deepest forms of idiocy of all members of the male tribe.

In general, Ukrainian women's breasts - it is eternal, a classic symbol of fertility and unfading feminine sexy beauty of Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian girls and women with bare, bare-chested sung by thousands of artists in their paintings and canvases, but also a favorite subject for photographers, specializing in erotic photos Ukrainian women and girls.

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