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Additionally, skilled metal working – in both bronze and precious metals – has also been uncovered.LIFE went on as usual in an early morning in March at Rakhigarhi where history lies buried. on March 8 from the farmhouse we had been staying in, with Professor Vasant Shinde leading the way. On top of another stood a concrete shed for buffaloes.The research also confirms that Indus populations were the earliest people to use complex multi-cropping strategies across both seasons, growing foods during summer (rice, millets and beans) and winter (wheat, barley and pulses), which required different watering regimes. The dates confirm the role of native summer domesticates in the rise of Indus cities.The findings suggest a network of regional farmers supplied assorted produce to the markets of the civilisation's ancient cities. They demonstrate that, from their earliest phases, a range of crops and variable strategies, including multi-cropping, were used to feed different urban centres.

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The excavation in mound four has yielded a cornucopia of artefacts, including a seal and a potsherd, both inscribed with the Harappan script; potsherds painted with concentric circles, fish-net designs, wavy patterns, floral designs and geometric designs There were also found terracotta animal figurines, cakes, hopscotches, toy cart frame and wheel of terracotta, beads of semiprecious stones, terracotta, shell and copper objects and shell bangles.

The study is based on the research undertaken by anthropologists from the University of Cambridge and Banaras Hindu University.

The research was conducted under the Land, Water and Settlement Project of Cambridge from 2008 to 2014, which has been publishing its findings based on the research on the Indus Civilisation in northwest India since 2008.

Recently, archaeologists, who have been studying the site, have made some startling revelations.

One of them is that people who lived there 4,000 years ago were equipped to face climate change.

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