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In addition, as a company that does business with the federal government, Ashland also has written Affirmative Action Programs covering each of its U. If you have questions about our EEO policy, please contact the Human Resources Call Center by telephone at 1-800-782-4669 or email [email protected] you have a disability, and need assistance during the application and selection process as a result, please contact the Ashland Career Center at 1-614-790-4452 or by email at [email protected]

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The difference is that in RLE, the lens being replaced is clear, rather than a cloudy lens due to a cataract.When the lens becomes cloudy enough to obstruct vision to any significant degree, it is called a cataract.Eyeglasses or contact lenses can usually correct slight refractive errors caused by early cataracts, but they cannot sharpen your vision if a severe cataract is present. Other causes include trauma, medications such as steroids, systemic diseases such as diabetes, and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Cataracts typically develop slowly and progressively, causing a gradual and painless decrease in vision.Other changes you might experience include blurry vision; glare, particularly at night; frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription; a decrease in color intensity; a yellowing of images; and in rare cases, double vision.As the eye's natural lens gets harder, farsighted (presbyopic) people, who have difficulty focusing up close, can experience improved near vision and become less dependent on reading glasses.

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