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Depending on the TV and related equipment you have you can either browse and navigate to play movies (including pay per minute), exactly as you would on a desktop computer or you can play movies that you have downloaded.

Here are just some of the ways you can watch content on your TV.

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All forms of our movies - Stream To Own, Rentals, PPM and Downloads - are compatible with Air Play. If you have downloaded your films to a computer, you may extend playback to your Apple TV using Home Sharing.To play movies that you have downloaded you can store them on a USB memory stick and play them back with the Google TV Media Player.This is useful for playing HD movies (720p and 1080p) if you do not have enough network bandwidth to stream these movies.Google TVs are available as both full fledged Smart TVs or set top boxes that connect to your existing TV. Because Google TV includes a full Chrome browser supporting the Flash media player, with a Google TV you can browse an playback Stream To Own, Rental and PPM movies just as you would on a desktop computer.The video player allows full screen viewing and will automatically choose the highest resolution version of the video based on your screen size and bandwidth.

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