Pros and cons on dating older men

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Maturity means he’s experienced the world, he knows what he wants and most likely…he knows how to get it!

He’s comfortable being a man and knows the right things to say and do to make a woman feel like a lady.

We have to be realistic and look into both sides of the story if we want to be as objective as we can.

It’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you and give it a go or not.

Love does not recognize ages and we have many examples where women dating older men had an amazing time with them or ended up marrying these guys.

Sure, society has its ways to categorize ages and put rules around who should have a relationship with who, but these rules mean nothing when loves come in.

Older doesn’t always mean wiser, and they may have a lot of baggage.

So perhaps they’re not anyone to learn or take advice from. One of these pros is that they are often more financially stable.

If you’re thinking about dating an older man, here are the pros and cons you should consider: He’s More Mature Just like a fine wine – men get better as they get older.

They don’t need to hide behind makeup and they’re certainly not high maintenance.

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