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In a text message to CNN Philippines, NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios confirmed all internet service providers were given the directive to remove access from porn sites."Yes, upon the request of law enforcement agencies and the interagency council against child pornography," he said.

Just last week, a report by adult website Pornhub said Filipinos spend the longest time watching porn worldwide.

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In a report by Yuga Tech, they mentioned that they got a tip (probably the author himself) that some of the popular porn sites are now banned from our local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Despite their impressive score, however, Philippines is far from censorship-free, and the restrictions seem to be tightening up.

Earlier this week, BBC News reported that a number of local ISPs began blocking adult websites, as per the government’s request.

Instead of the typical content one would expect from a porn site, visitors were presented with a message stating: For now, it seems that only Smart and Sun Cellular customers are affected, but other ISPs are bound to start catching up.

In order to help you get ahead of the imminent block, I put together a quick guide that will help you bypass Philippine censorship, and get you back on your favourite porn site.

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In 2014, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued a memorandum that orders ISPs in the Philippines to restrict to the said websites.As reports, websites such as and are now blocked from internet users' access, whether from a PC or mobile device.If they attempt to access said websites, they will now be greeted by a message which states the following: This ban comes after adult website company Pornhub published its 2016 Year in Review, which found that the Philippines was the top country spending the most time on the site per-visit, beating South Africa and the United States.What you need Luckily, accessing geo-restricted content is incredibly easy.MANILA, Philippines – Some pornographic websites were blocked in the Philippines as of Saturday, January 14.

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