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For their honeymoon, Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward flew to London.

'There were no tourists to speak of,' Newman remembered later, 'and we would drive off into the country till we were lost and then check into country inns at nightfall.

Later, when questioned if he was homosexual he is reported to have said, “No, I am not a homosexual.

But, I’m also not going to go through life with one hand tied behind my back.” Rumors about Dean’s sexuality began to spread as his fame increased and he quickly became engaged to the actress Pier Angeli.

I heard that story when I was a little girl and my mom told me that the lady in those black-and-white diamond commercials (“these have always brought me luck”) had had seven husbands, which, to a six-year-old, sounded like something biblical.

I’ve heard that story in every Taylor profile, every Taylor book, and every Taylor obituary. Yes, their relationship — and its coverage — essentially marked the beginning of paparazzi culture as we know it.

The name of his first wife was Jackie Witte, a tall, dark-eyed blonde, and, in the years just after World War II, an aspiring actor like him.

It felt good being married.' They socialised with Claire Bloom, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Kenneth Tynan and other theatre luminaries.

It was all a dream come true - and the start of a legendary showbusiness marriage that was to last 50 years.

The couple — playing mother and son in the film — spent every evening together in her rooms, working their way through endless bottles of bourbon and wine as she reminisced mournfully about the good old days.‘Don’t stare at me, baby.

You can see me in the movies,’ she told him loftily one night, but when he left her for the last time after several weeks, Hayworth ran out to the car and pleaded: ‘Don’t leave me.

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