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After many years of coming to Paris, I have managed to form and retain the view that the Male is more often than not charming, attractive, stylish, intelligent and appreciative of women. When I started to delve deeper (in the name of research, of course), what I discovered caused me to go from “hmmm” to “ookaayy” to – on one occasion – “eeeeew Obviously I’m coming from a northern European female perspective, so what might be off-putting to me might be delightful to someone else, but if you’re a foreign woman in Paris, you’re going to meet this type of Parisian Male. The Parisian Male will not hesitate to approach you.You might have guessed by now that this is not the post to read for tips on how to meet Parisian men. And your friend, and your friend’s mother, and her friend, and anyone else who’s wearing a skirt.Paris wouldn’t be Paris without a bit of romance, right?

Peppering their conversations with little expressions and words in English is as chic (or some would say pretentious) as when we sprinkle our dialogue with a few . However, Don’t Do What I Did: Overestimate your French communication skills where I was at times unwittingly suggestive.MORE: Bella Hadid Gets Angel Wing Tattoos After Making Her Victoria's Secret Runway Debut The Parisian night out comes days after Hadid and her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, had their first run-in amid rumors that he's dating Selena Gomez.The two were both at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, for a memorial concert celebrating A$AP Yams, who passed away in 2015.Unlike in the States where men can be a little stingy with their love, French men just go with it if they’re feeling it.WATCH: Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Bombarded by Fan Brandishing Palestinian Flag, Who Is Later Arrested Hadid finished off the chic and revealing ensemble with a black mini-skirt and thigh-high white boots.

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