Outlook public folder calendar not updating

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Doing so may cause the free/busy information for the folder to become corrupted.See XCLN: Resource Calendars Display Incorrect Free and Busy Times.Mailbox script | Direct booking | Mailbox direct creation | Mailbox delegate Public folder (direct creation) | Tools | More Information Exchange 2007 includes a suite of tools which assist you in booking appointments that Microsoft refers to as "Calendar Concierge".They aren't new tools but are more reliable than in previous versions of Exchange.The Room Finder displays room and attendee availability and suggests times that work for all attendees.

For Exchange 20, both free (Auto Accept Sink for Exchange) and commercial (Exchange Resource Manager) event sinks can automatically accept and decline meeting requests for resource mailboxes.

Workgroup Calendar is a personal tool and a downloadable PC software that allows you to create, synchronize and manage a group calendar with content merged from the chosen Microsoft Outlook Calendar folders including Public Exchange Calendars.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to smartly merge to one central (common) calendar and manage the contents of different Calendar folders from one place, this program is for you.

You will be able to update and manage all your shared Outlook items offline or using any type of Internet connection.

It is an easy and effective solution for remote companies and groups.

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