Orthotic accommodating shoes updating steam information

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Drop by your nearest Kintec location to see the various styles of orthotics we can make for you!The unique design and engineering of PLAE shoes and tabs (straps) allow for accommodation of many orthotics and AFOs. The insoles can be removed and a wider toe box gives you that extra needed space.Our industry-leading technologies are utilized by an experienced, professional team of certified practitioners and technicians.Technology is always changing and improving, and we owe it to our patients to seek out the knowledge of all options available.Note that the Dress and Heel design is made with the slimmest material we have that can still provide support.If the shoe does not have enough volume to accommodate the orthotic, that shoe is unsuitable.Try the risk free custom shoe program -great quality, guaranteed fit and unbeatable service. Capture 3D data for custom foot orthotics & custom shoes in no time.Needing High-top athletic, super wide comfort shoes, you can choose any style in the catalog, "Do not fit, do not pay". Ultra-portable 3D scanning system, super convenient and easy to use, significant cost savings and enhanced turnaround time.

Diabetic Footwear: Off the shelf shoes and custom molded shoes.The practitioners at Excel know what types of diabetic shoes, surgical shoes, and orthopedic shoes in conjunction with biomechanical foot orthotics can help solve your foot and general body health issues.The foot is the body’s foundation, and when feet are unsupported or out of balance, the entire lower body is affected, resulting in ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain, and lower back pain.This includes modifications to the shoes including lifts, wedges, and rocker soles.Diabetic Insoles: used to evenly distribute pressure over the entire plantar surface of the foot, alleviate areas that may be sensitive or painful, accommodate/correct for deformities, and improve the overall alignment of the foot, ankle complex and lower limb.

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