Online dating chronic illness

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It’s even harder when your illness isn’t exactly something you want to discuss.

Stigmas surrounding illness can keep you quiet, but talking about it is the only way to end those ways of thinking.

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That’s not something I expect people to understand.

It’s really hard to make plans when you don’t know if your body is going to hate you that day.

It’s hard to know if you’ll wake up and go about your day or if you’ll wake up and barely function.

I'm expected to be like this for a least another year or so maybe longer, maybe even life. How am I suppose to find someone and be happy like everyone else. I really have no solution and believe me when I say nobody want to date someone who's this sick, I've tried. As ill as the illness makes me it can't be hidden most the time either?? This doesn't really tell anyone what you are dealing with can anyone help, or answer????

If your health is so poor and you are barely able to function, how can you expect to have a relationship? maybe your better sorting your own health before you consider getting involved with anyone, it depends what illness it is, but you said you've but it dnt work out, maybe your better just enjoying what you can of life at the minute.

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