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To address it, the Casual X team will be manually reviewing each new profile.Some of the behaviors this app facilitates might not be things you’d want to share with, say, your coworkers or family members.He seeks to rediscover his manhood with the help of a newfound friend, Jacob, learning to pick up girls at bars.Occasionally in the 15 years since summer camp, Adam and Emma cross paths. and he's a gopher on a "Glee"-like TV series, hoping to be a writer.And you can see them when you look at anyone's profile.As with anything like this, scamming and fake profiles can be an issue.

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Casual X is an app that's catering exclusively to people who want encounters with no strings attached.Not being a priority also sucks when it comes to figuring out schedules.Even if you two hook up for a night of passion, it doesn't mean that it will always happen that day.Well, because there is no commitment in a no strings attached relationship, there is no priority.You could find yourself on the back burner, while the other person's time is occupied with their career, friends, dog and lazy nights with Netflix.

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