Non intimidating mascots

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Chief Illiniwek of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

School anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies should include anti-racial mascots, writes citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation Martie Simmons.

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The Pittsburgh Porcupines just rolls off the tongue.

Chris Kraatz Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Cavanaugh Hall, Rm 331 425 University Blvd Indianapolis, IN 46202 [email protected] is demonstrated by outlining the extent of the mascotizing of Indians in American culture, and then assessing the reliability of the various means at our disposal for morally evaluating this practice. Chris Kraatz Schools that continue the use of Indian imagery and referenceshave simply failed to listen to the Native groups, religious leaders, and civil rights organizations that oppose these symbols[T]he use of the imagery and traditions, no matter how popular, should end when they are offensive.

To mascotize a group of people is systematically to attach depictions of that group to commercial products, ventures or enterprises such that (1) the depicted group is defined by nationality, race, ethnicity or religion, (2) the depictions are designed by and profit only people outside the depicted group, and (3) the depictions are considered disrespectful, inappropriate, or stereotypic by a majority of persons within the depicted group.

These figures do not include little league teams for baseball, football, soccer, etc.

There are significant areas of interest outside the sports arenas where this curious phenomenon can readily be observed, and discussion of the mascot issue would lack important insights were these areas not included.

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